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Cursor Keys - Left, Right, Up, Down

Home - Reset glitches (move player back to home)

Inspired by the 1980 game Pac-Man, this fast playing skill based retro arcade game is easy to play but hard to master.

Welcome to the digital domain once more...

The world is under attack by cyber criminals using the latest information technology to bring entire governments crashing down.

A relentless new version of the virus .. [code named BINARY] .. has taken control of all critical systems and must be stopped again!

You are Logic Bot .. a virus detect and destroy program. During a fifth encounter with the BINARY virus you have been locked into a hostile program, there are ghosts in the machine and you must find and consume the object definitions then chase down those glitches. On route make sure to remove all traces of your path to the main frame to enable an exit to the next data blob. Mining your way deeper through the abstraction layers is the only way out.

Good luck Logic Bot ..

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