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Cursor Left - Move Left

Cursor Right - Move Right

Space - Jump and Fly

Welcome to the digital domain once more...

The world is under attack by cyber criminals using the latest information technology to bring entire governments crashing down.

A relentless new version of the virus .. [code named BINARY] .. has taken control of all critical systems and must be stopped again!

You are Logic Man evolved from Logic Bot .. a virus detect and destroy program. During a fourth encounter with the BINARY virus you have been locked into yet another hostile program. You must scan all programs for virus code fragments and pass them to the decryption program. This will unlock the exit subroutine which has been encrypted and locked by the virus. Once all programs have been scanned you must assemble the code fragments to obtain the final unlock code for the virus and escape. You need to be fast before the virus creates unbreakable encryption and locks you in forever.

Good luck Logic Bot ..

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